When The Hell Do We Get The Rest?

Today at Windows Phone Developer Summit Microsoft introduced a few new features, but most of them were things we already knew of months ago. They specifically said that they were not detailing consumer end features. So, the question that begs to be answered is: When they hell will you show them off? Mano was previewed at CES(maybe WMC) last year, and while most people agree it gave away too much too early, it at least got users excited about things.

Considering how most WP8 updates are hardware related or dependent, there's not much to be hyped up about for Windows Phone 7.8 except a new and, in my opinion, horribly cluttered, start screen. So, when do we get to see any of the other improvements that needed to be made to WP7.5 that don't regard hardware advancements? It's not like WP7.5 was perfect and only needed high res screens, dual core and NFC. There's a lot of other things that need to be fixed.

So, where is the improved multitasking view, whether the ability to close an application, the ommitance of multiple instances of the same app, or "pinning" an app to the multitasking pane, so it doesn't get bumped off the end of the bed when you open other apps. Where is the week view in the calendar? Where is universal search? Where is the improved app drawer? Where is it all?

If the only things new to WP8 were announced today, I'm sorry, but I'm leaving for Android. Never in my mind was Android an option for me before now. I first saw Windows Phone 7 Series(as it was called at the time) in August of 2010. I waited two years to pick up a Lumia 900, which I love, but was okay with some of the shortcomings because, even if I didn't get NFC capabilities, which I knew was oviously impossible, I could still get the improvements to Windows Phone 7.5 that the platform needed.

I am certainly hoping that there is much, much more to be seen regarding consumer changes, otherwise this would be a bigger disappointment than iOS6. I doubt that this is it, especially when they explicitly stated they wouldn't be showing off everything but I'm left confused. Google has their Nexus event to show off their newest Android version, and throw in a new phone to go with it. Apple has WWDC, and up until the incredibly delayed iPhone 4S, they had a new phone to bring out as well. I assumed today would be the day where Microsoft would show off WP8 in all its glory, but they didn't. So, when do we see the rest? Will Microsoft have another conference to show that off? That would be a very big inconvenience to everyone who showed up today. So will we just have to wait until it is released to the developers as a beta to see what features they can dig up by themselves? That seems like so many features will be discovered months afterwards.

So what will happen? I hope there aren't only 8 new features in Windows Phone 8, but I'm baffled as to where they will show off the (hopefully) hundreds others.