GIT / Sourcetree / Source control

Hi all, after cleverly overwriting one of my .LESS files and definitely not being able to recover it, I have decided that I really really need some sort of source control in my life. I've been a web developer for about 6/7 years now, and it's something I have been meaning to sort out since about year 2.

I'm looking to be able to create a super smooth workflow, from development to go live.

I work on OSX and use Coda 2, Navicat (though I just discovered Coda 2's MySQL editor is pretty nifty!) and MAMP as my main dev tools. I have just downloaded and set up GIT and sourcetree, as from what I have been researching it seems to be the optimum set up...? I would go all command line, but frankly I aint that smart and I much prefer to use a GUI hehe

I would ideally like to be able to create a repo on my live server that I can make commits to, essentially eliminating the need for standard FTP. If that makes sense..?!

Any tips or advice would be massively appreciated, I'm pretty good at picking things up but it does seem kind of complicated. I'm sure it's simple once you get. Like most coding!

Thanks in advance.