I think lots of you owe The Verge an apology

So back in April, when The Verge reported of Windows Phone 7 devices not getting the Phone 8 upgrade, plenty of "unbiased" Microsoft "fans" went absolutely insane. Why? You all continued your rampage on The Verge, claiming they had made the story up to kill Windows Phone. It wasn't all of you, but there were a lot of you and it really decreased the quality of The Verge forums, with most of you in the comments being not voted on, because you all believed The Verge were terrible and anyone who disagreed with you was too. And why wouldn't they ruin their reputation to show their hatred of Microsoft?

But, for one second, surely you can see why this is a major problem for MS. Take off your hat that says MS is amazing, and see that, maybe MS should've done this in the first place. Surely internal communication isn't that bad that they didn't realise this was possible.

I mean, you'll say that Android and iOS phones don't get updates either. I'd know, my iPod touch isn't getting iOS 5. But the difference is that it's 3 years old. Android phones usually have no excuse, but they've still become very popular. How is Microsoft meant to redeem itself when it doesn't give 6 month old handsets the latest updates?

And giving them a reskinned WP7 isn't a fair excuse either.

Call me a fanboy, but I'll be looking for a real discussion below. Will you join me, or destroy me? That's your choice Microsoft Tribe.