We learned at Computex that Windows Phone 8 would be using Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors, and after this morning's event we have even further details. Qualcomm has let us know that Windows Phone 8 devices will use its Snapdragon S4 Plus tier of mobile processors — basically, S4s with an upgraded GPU like the MSM8960 with integrated LTE that's making its way into many recent devices — and arguably one of the best choices available today in terms of balancing performance and efficiency. According to the company, Qualcomm silicon continues to power a full 100 percent of Windows Phone devices thanks to the company's "longstanding relationship with Microsoft." Multi-core support was a big Windows Phone 8 selling point today, and we must say we're looking forward to seeing how the new OS takes advantage of the dual-core S4 Plus line.

Update: AnandTech is now reporting that the specific model of chip will indeed be the MSM8960 that Qualcomm announced back in February.