Why am I supposed to be upset?

So, just checking here... But what am I supposed to be upset about? My Samsung Focus isn't getting WP8... but it's getting the UI changes in WP7.8. Because my phone doesn't have an NFC chip, it doesn't have a multi-core processor... what do I gain from having WP8 instead of WP7.8? All the comments about "shitstorms" and "backlash" and "exodus from the platform" are simply FUD. I'm getting an update, and so are the rest of you. Because WP8 seems to be entirely an hardware based update with some software tweaks that can easily be sent to gen 1 devices and on, I'm not at all worried. Cool features for everyone, new hardware for people that buy new phones! That makes sense to me. I feel "burned" much like a person that buys an android phone, then a new one comes out several months later that has better hardware. It doesn't really make my phone less good, especially if I'm getting a software update. Sorry guys, I won't subscribe to the "u mad" taunts of the apple and android fanbois. Neither should you.