List - Must needed WP8 features in WP 7.8

I'm pretty sure that no one from Microsoft is going to read this. But if they don't want to alienate their early adopters the below mentioned WP8 features should definitely be in WP 7.8. Also the feature list is pretty much reasonable and MS if they really is worried about the existing users, they can implement them all.

As you can see the feature list below, to satisfy 95% of the users, it is pretty much only a small list. Some won't be satisifed until all WP8 features are there in 7.8 but it ain't happening.

Please feel free to suggest acceptable features and I will add to the main list. Any hardware upgrade linked feature is automatically ruled out.

  • IE 10 (Can't even stress this enough)
  • VoIP APIs
  • Start screen (already announced)
  • Single marketplace and WP8 app backwards compatibility unless it needs new hardware features (like NFC, high resolution etc.)