This Is Getting Tiresome

So, was over reading at Gizmodo and realized that apparently a .2 difference in operating system names makes people flip the hell out.

Guys, 7.8 IS 8.0

The only thing that's different in this is hardware features, aka things you couldn't get anyway. I seriously doubt dual core will be required to run WP8 (if it is Nokia's screwed) So basically, Microsoft just said, there's no reason to make 8.0, then go back and omit all these things for older versions. Too many variables could go wrong if you just try to "delete" certain parts of the code. So they said, "hey, you, take 7.5 and make it as close to 8.0 as humanly possible." Which is a prety great trade off.

If Microsoft had taken the Apple route and said "All phones will be upgraded to Windows 8.0." but then later mentioned that features X, Y, Z and Q were missing because of hardware, nobody would've gotten mad. But since this is a different kernel and thus, not the same core but with a few features missing, they can't get away with that.

Windows Phone 7.8 is basically Windows Phone 8 made with different parts because of existing limitations.