SwiftKey is taking the "beta" label off of the SwiftKey 3 keyboard for Android, making it available now in Google Play. The main feature is what we've already seen in the beta, an "intelligent" auto-predict that's able to automatically insert spaces even if you don't hit the spacebar. In addition, SwiftKey has tweaked the keyboard after some user feedback, bringing back the comma key and tweaking some algorithms.

In addition, the company is moving beyond the consumer space to start offering keyboards to enterprise customers, specifically in healthcare. It's loading up custom healthcare dictionaries for client (including those persnickety medication names) and claims that early trials suggest the time spent making notes was nearly cut in half. It will be sold on a "Software as a Service" basis directly to healthcare providers, so don't plan on seeing "lorazepam" show up in your predictions (no matter how stressed you might be).

The consumer version of the software will be available at half price for $1.99. It's a free upgrade for current users.