A Jumps B Discusses: What Are the Most Interesting Gaming Podcasts?

With games emerging as a reputable form of artistic expression — well, at least to those of us that grew up with the Ataris and Nintendos and Segas and Playstations and Xboxes — the discussion of games by gamers has never been more fascinating, particularly of those games on the fringe of the mainstream. So, being the voracious consumer of thoughts and ideas as I am — why else would I frequent the Verge? — I'd like to know what kind of gaming podcasts the rest of the vergeoisie would recommend.

So far, I've found A Jumps B Shoots to be absolutely fantastic. They don't just talk about playing the games, nor do they wax pretentious like that Jonathan Blow piece in the Atlantic — they blend great guests with interesting and varied topics and cool chiptune interludes.

I know there must be some more out there of comparable quality, so please, chime in…

UPDATE links to podcasts suggested so far:

Giant Bombcast
Rebel FM Podcast
Invisible Walls
Weekend Confirmed
GWJ Conference Call
Comedy Button
Irrational Podcasts
The Indoor Kids
Midlife Gamer
Super Joystiq Podcast
Laser Time
Rooster Teeth
8-4 Play (NOT on hiatus)
Another Castle (on hiatus)
16-bit Gems (archive)
A Life Well Wasted (on eternal life hiatus)