Microsoft and the World

Microsoft surely did anger a few users (like me) by announcing current generation of Windows Phone devices not getting Windows Phone 8, but they sure did make a huge inroad into eclipsing Apple and Google/Android in a couple of years time, if one can read between the lines.

Think about it. Apple is currently the go to device for consumers who can afford it. But they sure do have a few things to sort out before they can become the king of all tech.

They proved that with the WWDC keynote. Moving away from Google Maps was a big big thing. But they can't assure people not using Google search. Or Google Maps from their Macs. Facebook integration coming this late proves their nervousness with that particular social network. They have the iPhone, the iPad and their line of Macs. But all of these devices are dependant on one thing. Developers. And the software and web services that they develop. Mostly they are a hardware company - they make brilliant software, no doubt (look at FCP, iWorks, et al) - but primarily, they are a hardware company and getting people to not use services they don't like, like google and Microsoft Office, is a big big task.

Google on the other hand is a completely web based service. Sure, they have Android - but they don't manufacture any Android devices. Leaving everything open source - look at the fragmentation and look at the woes of the developer.this can't continue forever. Where they win is search, mail and maps.

Now let's look at Microsoft. They made it pretty clear in the secret event which unveiled the Surface tablet that they are not afraid to take short term losses for long term gains. With Windows 8, which might be their biggest gamble, they are trying to achieve something, that once achieved can be unparalleled.

Windows 8 for the desktop and laptops. Windows RT and Windows 8 for tablets. Windows Phone 8 for phones. Xbox for gaming. And if I'm to believe their keynote, developing apps across these platforms is not a big task once the app for one platform exists.

The story doesn't end here. SkyDrive to rival Google Drive and iCloud. Bing search (which, contrary to a lot of peoples belief, work really well). A friendship with Facebook. A maps partner with Nokia. The Zune store. Hotmail. Skype. Phew. I think the list can still go on.

With the unifying of the platforms and taking risks and short term losses, Microsoft might just take over once Windows 8 releases across all platforms.

The developers should be happy. The consumers will be getting one unified (across all platforms, from hardware to software to internet) ecosystem. And Microsoft has nothing to lose, only to regain supremacy.

Apple might innovate. Android/Google might be cheaper/free (not taking in hardware costs of course) but movie of them rival the partnerships or the plethora of services and devices that the Microsoft ecosystem will boast of once Windows 8 comes out.

I just hope that we never encounter the blue screen of death ever again.