The Nokia Camera Extras app — detailed at yesterday's Windows Phone Summit — is coming to Lumia phones in the US and China by tomorrow, along with the Play To DLNA application. The rest of the world will have to wait until some point in July. Camera Extras provides a number of additional features for Lumia users including advanced panorama, burst shooting, and action shot modes. Group shot is the headline feature, however, as it uses Scalado technology to let you select from a timeline to fix a photo when, for example, someone blinks or has a strange expression. Camera Extras is, and will remain, a Nokia-exclusive, so will not be available to owners of other Windows Phones.

The other app available by tomorrow, Play To, is a simple DLNA app which has previously been available in beta form. It facilitates streaming photos and videos to any DLNA compatible device, such as an Xbox, PS3, Smart TV, PC, or Mac (with the appropriate application). Nokia also announced the Contact Share and Counters apps yesterday, which let you keep track of your phone use and, unsurprisingly, share contact information respectively. They'll both be available in China from tomorrow, expanding to the US and other territories in July.