Time For Microsoft To Buy Nokia?


Microsoft Surface sparked a whole new debate about Microsoft going into the hardware space.

After the Windows Phone 8 event, some are actually wondering: What's to stop Microsoft from making smartphone hardware? and better yet, why not buy Nokia and have them make the hardware?

This seems like a no brainer. Nokia was already in trouble with money issues. Microsoft and Nokia formed a partnership and the Lumia seems to be the flagship Windows Phone. Microsoft buying the Lumia and making their own hardware seems to make sense.

Of course, there's the other part: The partners. That's a problem that Apple has never had. That's a problem Microsoft is going through. Google has kind of jumped into the "make your own hardware" space when they bought Motorola. The new Samsung CEO is even gone as far to say the company needs to focus on the software more and even hinted at making their own software/OS.

The reason Apple has been so successful is that they are not burdened with partners and they can make the software and hardware and have better integration.

The Surface tablet is a great looking tablet. Microsoft + Nokia making a tablet and smartphones would make Microsoft way more competitive.

Too far fetched? I think it would make the mobile space way more competitive. Who doesn't love competition? Consumers always win in the end with good competition