Google Analytics has been blocked in Cuba to comply with US sanctions against the country that date from 1962. In an email to the AFP, Google explains that "as a US company, we comply with US export controls and trade sanctions that limit us from offering certain services in certain countries." Google also blocks its tools in other countries sanctioned by the US, including Burma, Iran, Syria, Sudan, and North Korea.

State-run website Cubadebate reports that attempts to access Google Analytics direct people to the US Treasury Department Office of Foreign Asset Control website. Cubadebate also slams the move as "outrageous censorship," criticizing Google for blocking Analytics in addition to previous blocks on other tools like Google Earth, Google Toolbar, Google Desktop, and Google Code Search. Google chat services and other communication tools are still accessible in the country.

The Google Analytics terms of service state that the program "may not be exported to or used by embargoed countries or individuals," but the service was still usable — albeit illegally — until a recent software update completely blocked access. Cubadebate disagrees with US sanctions and condones previous illegal use of the service, asking "if an unjust law should be followed to the letter by the victims."