The Surface tablet doesn’t even exist. It’s vaporware.

With Surface Tablet, Microsoft Takes On Apple But Mimics Google

I may not like Paul Thurrott. A major reason being that he's one of the biggest fanboys I've seen, yet refuses to acknowledge that and often repeats a tired trope about how there are no Windows fanboys, just crazy Apple and Linux ones. But whatever. Let people have their delusions.

He is an honest enough writer though and has a connection to Microsoft from the outside that's only matched by one or two. So you premature Surface fans should probably give that article a read.

For all of its desire to be just like Apple, Microsoft is nothing like Apple. And Apple would never have introduced such a half-realized product as this. Had Apple announced the Surface, you’d know everything about it, would be able to view the full product specs on its website, would see all of the model versions and options, and so on. And you’d be able to buy it, or at least preorder it, right now.