The Best OSX Applications.

So, this post ( inspired me to make a list of some of the best OSX applications that there is out there. Just drop what you think is great in the comments, and I will add the best ones into the post :) Click on the names to find out more.

I'll start off

Notational Velocity - Great Simplenote syncing plain text editor. Very well designed.

Divvy - Window management tool.

Pixelmator - Great value photo editor, second only to photoshop.

Alfred - Great search tool for your mac, does so many things

iTaskX - Great Project management tool.

DaisyDisk - Pretty disk space monitor

Sparrow - Great, well designed mail client for a not so heavy user.

Reeder- Great, well designed traditional RSS reader.

BetterTouchTool - expands on Multitouch functionality and also enables Windows 7 Snapping of windows.

TotalFinder - Powerful, tabbed Finder replacement.

SublimeText 2 - Great text editor.

Handbrake - For converting DVDs

Pages - Well designed Microsoft Word equivalent.

Numbers - Clean excel replacement.

Keynote - Presentation software

iA Writer - Great simple text editor - typewriter style

Fantastical- Great menu bar calendar

VLC - Open source player that can play almost anything you throw at it.

Read Later - Pocket/Instapaper app - well designed.

Billings - "Professional time billing for anyone"

iTerm2 - "Terminal Emulator for mac which does amazing things"

Coda 2 - Great HTML website editor.

Espresso - Code editor with bulit in browser

Automator - Automates everyday tasks - built into OS 10

TextExpander - Inserts snippets of text

GarageBand (Built in) - Best free music editor.

Flux- WYSIWYG editor :D

Plex - Front Row sort of thing (Media Center)

Adium - IM client

MplayerX - VLC equivalent.

Cheatsheet- Bring up shortcuts by holding the command button.

ClipMenu- Clipping management.

Glyphs - Easy to use font creator

Layer Cake – Create several images at once by appending an image file ending to a layer or group in photoshop then dragging it into LayerCake.

Default Folder X – Allows you to quickly navigate to recent folders, most used folder and favorite folders.

Espresso – Amazing code editor with built in browser.