Sous-vide, a cooking method that delivers moist and perfectly-done food through a low-temperature water bath, could be more feasible for home chefs if a new Kickstarter reaches its goal. The Nomiku is a simple and comparatively affordable device that clips onto a pot; after you fill the pot with water and put in a sealed bag of food, it will heat and circulate the water to cook the food. Unlike the comparable but more complex SousVide Supreme, it's only got one knob for temperature control, cooks larger volumes, and takes care of circulation. It's also supposed to be cheaper, at $299 versus $329 for the smallest SousVide Supreme or over $1,000 for professional sous-vide setups.

The Nomiku is currently in the prototype stage, but Engadget's Michael Gorman has seen it in person and vouched for it. According to the specs, it's accurate to within 0.2 degrees Celsius and stable to within 0.1 degrees, and it will come in a 120V version for the US and Canada and 220V one for Europe. The Kickstarter is about half-funded with 27 days to go, so things are looking good for Nomiku.