We've suspected it ever since we revealed the keyboard-free BlackBerry London, but a RIM spokesperson has now confirmed that the first device to run BlackBerry 10 will not have a hardware keyboard. Of course, RIM knows that text input is extremely important to its users, and the company did well to focus on its software keyboard in the new operating system. We had an opportunity to test the keyboard on an alpha version of the OS, and while it's certainly not a replacement for a true keyboard, it's one of the better ones that we've seen thanks to its predictive text system. While the news that RIM will be foregoing a traditional keyboard with its first BB10 device may not be surprising, what's more interesting is that the spokesperson told the Associated Press that the OS "will be offered on devices with physical keyboards in the future." No word on when that'll be, but for now it's clear that RIM's crucial BB10 device will try to turn the company's fortunes around without the help of QWERTY.