Lots of bitching over WP8.

Is anyone happy?

Of the optimist, pessimist and realist buckets, i'd be dropped into the optimist one. I just don't fathom anyone doing something bad intentionally to it's userbase.

So far, we've heard from folks that Microsoft is screwing over it's customers again; that absolutely no apps will ever work on WP7.8 devices; that because the arrow bar is missing, the device is doomed; that wp7.8 devices won't be able to multitask; that WP ecosystem is now as fragmented or worse than android; and essentially WP is doomed.

So, there's a few of us out there that don't think the sky is falling. Is there anyone who is happy with anything coming from Win8? Do you like the tiles? Do you like the multitasking? Do you like the changes for the enterprise?