No more Air??

I don't know what everybody thinks about this but I found it intriguing. With this new Microsoft Surface tablet/PC hybrid if you want to call it that, do you think Apple now has to "reinvent" themselves by doing away with the Air, and launching something more similar to the Surface maybe, or something completely different...if possible?

Honestly, I am an Apple "fanboy" only buying apple products, and upgrading each line as it comes, but in my opinion, this Microsoft Surface tablet has the edge over the iPad (depending on price of course). Could Apple transform the iPad into a real substitution for your laptop or notebook?

Sure you can make the claim that the Surface tablet is just an iPad with a case, but it feels like there is a real desktop within that tablet, and thats what I find interesting.

I may be completely off, but let me know what you think?

And how much longer will the Air stick around until it is outdone by other companies?