iOS 6 Sold me my Galaxy Nexus

I am an apple fanboy, and will admit it to anybody. However, the iphone is stale and boring. Seriously. It hasn't changed and everybody knows that. When you are looking at the same set of icons for a couple years, it just gets old.

I was really looking forward to the iOS 6 announcement, but they came out flat. The couple new apps are nice of course, but really, its still the same thing. Its about time to take a risk Apple.

Snooping around ebay, I found a great deal on a Verizon Galaxy Nexus, and just being exhausted from using the iPhone 4S, I made the switch I thought I would never do.

The Galaxy Nexus is awesome, and I cant put it down. And two weeks later its still got that new phone feel where you just want to scroll through and browse around everything. My only complaint is battery life. I thought the 4S had poor battery life, but the Nexus is much much worse. Besides that however, the phone is just awesome.

Now with the new iphone announcement just months away it is going to really take a great piece of hardware from apple to bring me back, or else I will be using my upgrade on an S3, or maybe a Galaxy Nexus 2 if announced next week?

Are there any other android phones on the horizon that myself and others should be looking out for other than the Galaxy Nexus 2?