WP8 Excitement

I currently have Verizon and have always been interested in WP. We have only gotten 1 WP, more than likely due to the KIN fiasco, but I think Metro is a wonderful UI concept. It is easy to understand and use, and the color contrats are awesome. With that said it has its shortcomings, such as low app support, weak multitasking, and in my opinon low screen resolutions across the board. So with WP8 many of the problems I wanted to avoid have been dealt with or at least adressed. Microsoft/Nokia are really going to have a steep hill to climb but i think with their new stance on software/hardware respectivly they will gain some traction.

I am a very big phone nerd, and I have used all the big name phones at some point or another. A Nokia WP8 device is something fresh and exciting, IMHO. I hope they can deliver, and build on the concepts they revealed yesterday.