John Gruber's long Analysis of MS Surface, & why it even exists.

Great Piece from John Gruber over on Daring Fireball.

Basically he (and others) believe that the Surface was not an attack on the iPad but rather just a move to stay profitable. Apple wants in the hardware profits that Apple is all but eating up. And watching the keynote, they did seem really uncomfortable.

Give it a read and Post your thoughts.

This quote sums it up very well and I completely agree with it:

"I’d go further, and argue they fear losing not just the tablet market, but the PC market as a whole. Not in sheer numbers, but in sheer profit. Apple doesn’t want to sell all of the world’s computers and phones; rather, Apple wants to reap all the profits in the computer and phone industries. There is no threat that Windows goes away, but there is a serious threat that Microsoft’s profit from Windows greatly diminishes"