What devices do verge staffers use?

It's one thing to play around with a new gadget, especially if it's part of the job, but what about what people actually spend their own money on for personal use?

The only two things I know are that something like 90+% of verge staffers probably use a mac for their computer, it would be REALLY interesting to know if anyone bucks the trend and uses a windows notebook instead and why.

As for phones there is probably more of a mix, but it also seems like Josh has chosen android for his main mobile phone ecosystem, and he prefers the nexus line. What about everyone else? Chris did a windows phone experiment, but what is (or would be) his primary phone for personal use?

Paul seemed to be100% into the ipad and iphone, I don't even know if a successful surface could pull him away. He seems the most locked in but I could be wrong.