Come on Google, bring out the big guns next week!

I really hope Google brings the "big guns" to their I/O event next week.

As a self confessed Google lover, I am REALLY looking forward to The Verge's coverage of the event next week and seeing what they can bring to the table after what I think was a strong Microsoft tablet and smartphone showing. With Apple's iPhone 5 lost in the mist this could be a great time to announce something new or competitively priced.

I am already in love with ICS and I am sure Jellybean will be just as nice a experience with some added features, but what I am yearning for is some new HARDWARE!!!! Specifically tablets, it would be great if El Goog could bring something fresh to the table, with some lovely stock android on it. I don't want an iPad killer, give me something to forget about the iPad altogether.

What would you like to see announced?
Would you be satisfied with just a well priced 7"er announced?
Is Jelly Bean going to bring anything different than we've seen? (Not that i think it needs to!)
What has Google got up their sleeve, if anything?

Thanks for reading / commenting -> sorry for and spelling mistakes :D