A copy job of the Metro UI Live Tile concept by Apple and Google is inevitable.

I don't know how many times I have said this but static icons are obsolete in every sense and it's starting to hit home for everyone now. Microsoft has turned the industry on its head in recent days and it shows.

Microsoft best release everything as soon as possible in order to take advantage of its UI concept and be identified with it, so once the competition comes out with a clone concept they can be branded as followers accordingly. Otherwise Apple will just claim it re-invented the icon or something.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you iOS 7 UI and its tacky, resizeable information tiles\icons, whatever you want to call them. Like in Windows Phone 8 if you make the tile small it will present less information, make it bigger and it will present more information. This is just some users concept, but the logical being in me tells me this is very close (Except less rounded) to what it will be like as there's NO OTHER path for Apple to take. I also think Apple will respond to all the criticism regarding its excessive use of skeuomorphic design, tacky gradients and will actually go easier on the bevel and reduce the corner radius of its icons and buttons thus making them less rounded and looking even more so like live tiles.

Keep this thread bumped so we can all watch said prediction come to life and mock Apple :)

+1 on FaceBook or elsewhere. This will come to being and people should know what's what.



For those who are clueless, draw comparisons or call Live Tiles widgets, well they ARE NOT!

Widgets: Non OS integrated application extensions of all various shapes, sizes and purposes. Often densely packed with controls, internal boxes and hard to use with touch. Are not controlled nor tied into the operating system. Have no standard conventions, design and data share policies.

Live Tiles: Deep OS level UI controls with uniform design, layout, interaction and positioning logic. Have strict policies, interfaces, conventions and are controlled/part of the operating system.