The unusual stock split (and Larry Page's lost voice) isn't the only news to come out of Google's shareholder meeting. Speaking to said shareholders, CFO Patrick Pichette reiterated Google's intention to hold Motorola at arm's length and allow it to "stay on its own battlefield." Just as that messaging is not at all different from what Google broadcasted before the acquisition was completed and the new CEO installed, it looks like major shakeups at Motorola won't happen as quickly or as rashly as the original decision to purchase the company appeared.

In fact, Google says that we "shouldn't expect a full integration," the AFP reports. Eric Schmidt characterized it as essentially "taking Motorola private," presumably so that it could focus on Android. Schmidt added "We bought Motorola for the sum of the patents, the products, the people, the innovation." We're sure that Motorola's employees and fans all hope that he wasn't speaking in descending order of importance.