The Official Flipboard App, no biggie.

As you hardcore Android fans may have heard, the official Flipboard app is finally here for Android.

It's really not such a big deal. The official app isn't much different from the last beta version, which has worked well for me. The official app still has the widgets in two sizes- medium and small, which both scaled up, if I recall correctly. When you click the icon or widget, it brings you to the very familiar home page, and you can flip through all the stuff you follow.

It's only when you click into one of you subscriptions, such as the Verge, will you see the first sign of changes. If I remember correctly, there wasn't a back button at the top left corner. There's the usual search button at the top right corner, only this time, it's accompanied by the three-dot menu button, which brings up "Back to Top" & "Compose", which respectively bring you back to the first article in a certain subscription, and compose a post on any social media you hooked up with Flipboard, such as twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Google Reader, tumblr, or even Sina Weibo. And since you can read all the social media as subscribed news sources, Flipboard is the center of probably all your social networks, assuming of course you enjoy flipping.

The changes go further when you click into a specific article, where you'll see a row of buttons at the top, which didn't used to be there. There, you'll see buttons for "back", "retweet", "star", "share", "comment" and "menu". Those buttons are certainly nice to have, but I personally can live without them.

There you have it, the official Flipboard app for Android.

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