Growing (and unfortunate) trend among the 'Technorati'

Lately, something that I've noticed and am becoming increasingly frustrated by, is the attitude shift, and ever growing egos in the tech journalist community. As technology in society gets bigger and more prevalent among your average consumer, the fight for eyeballs and page clicks and advertising dollars is increasing proportionately - maybe exponentially, even. The result, it seems, is that catty-ness, high school-ish, and generally poor, immature behaviour between tech journalists is now at an all time high, be it on Twitter, a comments section, a podcast - whatever. Is there ever a moment where one site or journalist isn't in some sort of spat with another anymore? When it comes to consumer electronics products, competition, and hate or a strong dislike for the rival company is good for the consumer. I don't think the same can be said for the media who cover these products. All of this back biting, jealousy, and childish behaviour distracts from the story, and places the writer above the product they're supposed to be covering. I don't typically see this amongst the mainstream media, apart from perhaps egomaniacs like Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly, but is that really what this community aspires to, or wants to become? I don't know if this is calculated, in an effort to build hype and interest for their sites, but it's definitely not a positive or helpful shift. Not in my eyes, anyway.

And for the record, its seems to predominantly be coming from other sites and journalists, directed towards The Verge. Most recently Om Malik last night, and Gruber this morning (regarding review scores, etc.), and less recently Ryan Block making comments re: Josh that were at the height of passive aggressiveness, and sort of embarrassing, frankly.

The tech world has always felt like a small, fairly tight-knit community, and it's a shame to see that going away.