The Xbox 4, will be the Surface 6.

We've all heard the idea that consoles are perhaps closing in on the end of their lifespans. The idea that tablets and phones will eventually make them obsolete makes sense to me. This is especially evident when I look at the ground work that Microsoft has laid down.

So now we know that Windows Phone 8 runs the same kernal as Windows 8. It's a smart even if harsh move on their part. But now we now know that Windows Phone 8, with DirectX and many other enhancements and advantages that Windows offers will be quite the 'capable' gaming platform. With hope it will be, but right now, it's just capable.

Microsoft will assuredly release the XBox 720 with the same kernal, and possibly even with ARM processors. What happens when tablets catch up to the Xbox in capabilities, but they're running the same underlying operating system? What happens when your tablet can simply of the games that were released on Xbox 720?

Suddenly, the Surface 5, or 6, or7, or possibly any other compatible Windows tablet, possibly Windows 9 tablets can just run Xbox games. It streams to your TV, and you use your wireless controllers and the experience is basically the same.

How does that sound? Obviously this is all dependent on Microsoft continuing to be successful. But it sounds just so amazing and plausible, and how we will eliminate many of our current devices without sacrificing the experiences that we are used to.

Of course.....Apple can simply keep adding power and functionality to the iPad, but Microsoft certainly does have this living room experience war in their favor for now.