A Misunderstanding? The reason why I find Windows Phone 8 offensive

So there are a lot of people who don't seem to understand the frustration towards Windows Phone 8. So here it is, seeing as a lot of commenters believe Windows Phone 7.8 is no different.

Any currently available Windows Phones will not be getting any apps built for Windows Phone 8. So that 3 month old Lumia might not be getting some cool apps by the end of the year. The problem is that Lumia owners will either not be supported or the developers will have two choices: Better app for the future, or reaching more people.

It causes a huge divide for the developers, and I myself wouldn't know what to do, because WP8 apps, with native code, should be far better. But, if developers to support Windows Phone 7.8 instead, they'll be making a worse app.

The only way for MS to solve this is have the availability of bundling. So a developer can make a WP8 and WP7 app and publish once. The dev would still have to do work, but it would support those unlucky Lumia owners for a year.

Feel free to blast me in the comments, Microsoft tribe, but I'm just making sure everyone knows the problem (which is what people have seemed to have missed) and I've also only seen one solution.

Microsoft has made the right choice. But they should have warned early adopters. People locked in 24 month contracts might as well have gotten a webOS device if they wanted new apps because, to be honest, except for the more money, developers have no other incentive to make a worse app when they can make a good one.