What is failure?

Is failure considered when you release a brand new product with a completely different experience and the product doesn't get the Marketshare you initially thought it would?

To me that's not failure

Failure is when
1. People cant adapt to your product
2. Developer wont support it
3. Sales only decrease

I dislike it when people say WP7 is a failure which in my opinion it isn't
1. People love the platform. Customer reviews speak for themselves
2. Developer support has been great 100,000 apps even with low Marketshare and OS limitations
3. Sales are increasing

It's not all about Marketshare it's not even fair to compare Marketshare statistics because the playing field isn't equal.

Lets visualize walking into a cellphone store.
1. We see a section for the white holy grail which is the iPhone

2. We see a section with big Galaxy signs promoting the top Androids

3. We see a sea of Android devices

Somewhere in that sea of Android devices you see 1 or 2 Windows Phones and the funny thing is people think they are Androids you know why because they it doesn't get its own section.

Carriers should have sections to represent the different ecosystems 1 for Apple, 1 for Android, 1 for Windows. Until WP gets that type of recognition the playing fields are uneven and this is in regards to ALL carriers. Notice how WP is only on 1 or 2.

My point is the playing fields are not equal. Its hard to sell a product you never used before unless your a trained sales specialist but lets face the facts most "sales" people are high school kids looking to make a quick buck.

So to me WP isn't a failure even with the low Marketshare and until it gets an even playing field I am not even going to bother comparing.

But this is my opinion if you really say that WP failed please write down your thoughts I am curious to see why.