Outrage, or Vocal Minority?

There's been quite the backlash about the Windows Phone 7.8 announcement. It's understandable that many people would be upset about the announcement. Everyone wants their current hardware to run the new software, or at least to get all the features. Microsoft has taken a big gamble by calling it 7.8 instead of just a variation of 8, and I am impressed by the honesty. I'm glad they have been forthcoming with that information in the formal announcement. I personally don't feel burned, but I also have a first generation handset, the Samsung focus, and could upgrade at any time. I'm still happy with it, and I will be when we get new features in the 7.8 update. I thought I may be in the minority, being happy with my phone and the upgrade status. WP Central ran a story, posted below, on the topic. Let's take a look. Sva1g_medium

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Now, this may seem unbelievable, but most people are actually happy with the reported feature set, which isn't even complete yet. The poll was rather large, getting 6500 total responses. It might be worth keeping in mind that any update is valuable. The Nokia Lumia 900 is actually still as wonderful of a phone as it was before, and the fact that it gets Tango and WP 7.8 isn't that bad of a deal. Nokia will continue to support their products as they have in the past, and how they have already demonstrated they would with the Lumia 900. They've released several unique updates to the device to address just about every issue. Unique apps are being released very often, and will continue to be. That's service you can't get with any other phone that is both fast and responsive to user input. That's my two cents. Keep enjoying your devices, WP users! http://www.wpcentral.com/poll-results-majority-windows-phone-users-happy-proposed-78-update