Wifi-only Surface is probably for the best

If they make it with integrated cellular, they'll be at the mercy of the carriers who are going to play the same games they have been ever since WP7 launched. I went in to Verizon to look at, not buy, but just get some details on a prepaid jetpack. The complete douche of a sales rep immediately tried to upsell a contract which I said upfront I didn't want. Then as I'm about to leave he decides to ask if I've "considered a tablet instead". When I tell him no he asks why. Not like it was any of his business or relevant to why I was in there or anything, but I told him I was waiting for Windows 8. He actually laughed in my face and continued to try selling me a xyboard. I said very firmly I don't like Android So then he points towards the iPads while continuing to laugh in my face and indignantly ask "why wouldn't someone like Android?" loud enough for the entire store to hear, basically trying to shame me into buying something I would never buy in a million years. It took all my restraint not to punch him in the face before pointing out that every single time I've gone in that store since I bought my Trophy, I always get the same condescending attitude as if I'm stupid for buying a phone they're supposed to sell. Then I walked out and won't go back to that store ever again. So if carriers are going to continue pulling this crap with their own customers, I think Microsoft is smart to not even bother with them.