Why should and shouldn't we mad at Windows Phone fiasco.

This week is surely an unbelievable week for Microsoft followers. They have left us amazed, frustrated, excited, and to some, betrayed. There are clearly different opinions within the Tribe, and each counts, yet, flame wars are everywhere. So this post will be about my opinion, and I would like to share with fellows Microserf.

Why should we be mad? APPS.

Back in 6 months ago, I was talking with my fellows about my own Lumia 710. I was worried about the upgradability of the Windows Phone 7. The differences are huge as the news had came a while before: Apollo will have an NT kernel rather than the current CE. That is a huge leap. I baffled myself whether how will it be delivered to customers: Zune? OTA? But I believed that Microsoft and even much more - NOKIA - wont ever leave customers out of the cold. I strongly believed that, with Nokia wouldnt kill off a series of gorgeous handsets within any less than 2 years. But guess what, they just virtually did that.

Now before jumping into any debate, lets hear me: 7.8 is not the solution. I have read many comments, went through many tech blogs, travelled through many forums posts. All I see is a massive number of agreements with Microsoft decision, with lines like: stop whining, it is like your 3GS not getting Retina, boohoo, such, etc... But you are missing the greatest point: apps! Apps for 8 wont work on any 7. Windows Phone 7 is horribly lacking of apps, and it is not getting better. We -Microsoft faboys- have ranting around like: Marketplace is growing strong, we will have that apps in no time... but no more. Admit it - Windows Phone 7 is a failure in marketshare. Too few Windows Phone around to get good attentions from developers, as they will shift their attention and interests toward Windows Phone 8 thanks to the tractions of Windows 8 and the shared similarities. So, we are done with apps - few apps will ever be made for Windows Phone 7, and lesser games will be.

No, I am not asking for many functionalities of Windows Phone 8 if I know my hardware is not compatible. I am not asking for Wallet when I know I dont have NFC, like an 3GS owner wont complain about they wont get Retina display. I have never asked for a dual core, gigs of RAM, or MicroSD slots. I just ask for new apps.

The 4 years old iPhone 3G or many Android phones out there, albeit they wont get any further update, but apps that are written later will be (more or less likely) work on their phones. The 6 months old Lumia have a completely doom future with apps.

And, no, I say - even making a bet here - that developers wont care about Windows Phone 7... or 7.8... when Windows Phone 8 debut. IMO, it is quite delusional if saying that Microsoft didnt betray us adopters all. Im thinking that Windows Phone 7 is just a greater scale of the imfamous KIN - which I used to own one. And a quick shutdown like Windows Mobile marketplace? Im saying late 2014 or early 2015; if the Marketplace isnt somekind of shared with Windows Phone 8 Marketplace.

tl;dr: Angry Birds 2013 wont run on Lumia 900. We are stuck with whatever the Marketplace is like in Q4 this year.

Why should we not be mad? The survival of a whole brand.

If I were Microsoft, I would still do what are they doing right now: betraying adopters. Months ago, I had a good read from Paul Thurrott about why Windows Phone 7 is abandoned. So, in a nutshell, it was poor adoption rate that Microsoft drop their interests for the "Windows Phone 7 series". There are two choice for Microsoft: trying to stick with CE kernel which means sticking with single core and losing that selling point, further lead to a total failure of the whole brand; or go with a new kernel (NT) which supports up to 64 cores and abandon early adopters. So, what would chose?

Secondly, another thing we shouldn't be mad at Microsoft's decision is how unaware of us can be of the 7.8 update. There might be (or not) some neat features beside the new Start Screen. We don't even know if after that, there are any further update. We know very little about the future of the Windows Phone 7 series at all. Even the no app point above is just my speculation (I strongly believe it would happen - if you were a developer, especially a new one, or a migrate of iOS or Android, which would you chose?)

Thirdly, you have quite a good phone on your hand, whatever the model you have chosen. iDevices get a lot buggier for a year it ages. iPhone 3G is a total disaster on iOS 4. iPad 2 is already dropping frame rates on iOS 5 (don't even talk about iPad 1 on iOS 5). Android is bad at box-open, nothing have gotten good when going to ICS (I'm playing with Galaxy Note). Meanwhile, the Optimus 7 is still buttery smooth, after 2 years of age! Your Lumia is (likely) smooth until it breaks (will it even break?).

So, unless you need more than the built-in function, which is in my opinion, very full-fledge, and the good variety of apps that the marketplace is providing, and the outstanding bonus that Nokia is providing, for those on Lumia handset, you have nothing to be worry about.

tl;dr: if you don't care about Angry Bird 2013, you're good with the (good) phone.

Of course, there are some optimism to think about: I am expecting the XDA to do all the magic tricks. A port may be?

Moreover, even with the Lumia 900, at the time Windows Phone 8 debut, it has grown into a 12 months old device that is still supported and still rocking. Play Angry Bird Space (hopefully) and have gorgeous goodies from Nokia for a long long time (Nokia is outstanding in supporting legacy).

Things that baffle me:

Please excuse my limited knowledge, however there is something that puzzles me and sent me into hours of thinking. Fellow Verge reader might as well help me out. I know the difference of two kernels is very big, but just as much as Linux and NT. One on computer, we can wipe out Windows and install Linux, why cant we do that on a phone? Is it because the difficulty of installation that neither OTA nor Zune can provide? If Microsoft have gone this way, they would have pleased many people out there. However, why didnt they chose to do that? Is that cost to engineer a method that pricey to sacrifice early adopters? I dont understand.

Excusing the advancement of hardware is pretty much nonsense to me. Nokia is very likely push Microsoft into the low-end Market and Microsoft does certainly interest there as well. So, Tango aiming (low-end handset) will be persistence in Windows Phone 8. Therefore, dual cores, resolutions, blah blah blah, is NOT the excuse for Microsoft. So considering the difference is not great, can we do a port by ourself? (I trust in you, XDA)

Fragmentation: on Windows Phone 7, what do you need multi-core for? The OS never needed for than one core. So, what does Windows Phone 8 necessity of multi-core is for? Gaming? Killer Apps? When we think of that, how would be lower-end device will deal with resource intensive apps? The same way the Lumia 610 is struggling now? and how do we call that? Ah, Fragmentation. The future of Windows Phone 8 is very looking toward fragmentation? or the multi-core thingy is just for the overrated multi-tasking?

Codename: side thoughts- Apollo is WP7.8 or 8?

Microsoft and Nokia

In my own opinion, I think Microsoft have screwed Nokia bad time. I believe that Microsoft have weakened Nokia to the point of inevitable collapse, may be by using Elop, then a total buy of Nokia. They (Microsoft) really wants to achieve the 3 screens and a cloud strategy, and they 1. succeeded with one screen (XBOX) 2. very (VERY) promising with another screen (SURFACE) 3. Need a good manufacturer for the third screen (NOKIA). So, I strongly believe Microsoft aim is actual bring Nokia down low enough to take them out, then they will secure their 3 screens ambition by their own hands - by both Software and Hardware wise. Microsoft is no longer a software company anymore. They are evolving to become the new Apple.

Dont take me wrong, Im a huge fan of Microsoft, but also a huge fan of Nokia. But frankly thinking, if you were really thinking of Nokia, and disinterested of Microsoft, then you would believed that Nokia should have went with Android. It isnt a better OS IMO, but it sells better than WP7 for sure thing. Then Nokia financial should be much brighter than how it is now.

But wait, you should still be voicing.

Otherwise, Microsoft will repeat this over. Indeed that they have a good history of supporting legacy, however, they seems to be neglecting those recently (by release bad products for a start) Zune, Kin, XBox, Windows Mobile and may be x86/64 Windows in the near future. If they deem that Windows Phone 8 is not worth supporting, they would scrap as they wish. They have done this before, and they will do it again if that pleases them. If you arent voicing, pretty much they will screw us all, again, and again, and again. If you keep praising Microsoft for that, I am thinking of the Stockholm Syndrome.

I am thinking that Microsoft is turning a money-greed corporation rather than an tech corporation. Indeed they have super exciting news and the best innovations out there. However, they seems to drift into more profits by taking advantage of our dependency into their ecosystem. And more they do this, the more they would weakened (IMO) like Apple under Sculley triumph. Making money isnt a bad thing. Screwing their follower is.


All the above is only my opinions and speculations. I am not stating facts.
Forgive me for my English, as there is anything irritates you. Oh by the way, sorry about the apostrophe punctuation, that key is broken.
This should be done days ago, but I turned bed-ridden sick X_X . I want to join the comments, but if the sickness doesnt allow, sigh.

and more importantly. NO. I am not starting any flame war. Urrg. We can really just comment in peace, not in a hateful fashion.