PSA in economics: Having more choices of devices does not guarantee having more success in the market, and Android surpassing the iPhone in market share was in no way a foregone conclusion

There is a frustrating meme that I see going around these days, it goes something like this:

"Obviously Android sells a lot more phones than the iPhone, they have hundreds of models while the iPhone is only one phone."

Appallingly, often when I see this, I see a lot of people nodding their heads in agreement, and handing out likes, or thumbs ups, or upvotes, or whatever the site uses for agreement.

This is not sound logic. And I'm really sick and tired of seeing this.

Even a moment's consideration makes it obvious this conclusion is not obvious, and this conclusion is not compelled at all.

I could go on and explain with logic on why this isn't the case, explain how in a situation where there are a multitude of less-attractive competitors, they could still fail to best a single more-attractive competitor.

However, most often this argument is likely being made out of irrational fandom, and a need to apologize for an inconvenient fact in a way that discredits the fact. So maybe the easiest way to impress on people why this isn't true isn't with logic, which is one of the easiest things for the human mind to ignore, but rather with a highly relevant counter-example:

The iPad controls half the tablet market, or more depending on who you ask, yet Android has tens if not hundreds of models, while the iPad is only one tablet. To the same people that think Android's controls of the phone market is obvious and unimpressive, is it in any way obvious that Android is going to dominate the tablet market?