The MIT Media Lab has developed a system that uses blurred images on peripheral screens to provide a more immersive experience in television and movie watching. The Infinity-By-Nine system developed by Daniel Novy and V. Michael Bove Jr. generates real-time blurred images based on the images on-screen, and projects them to peripheral screens using ceiling-mounted projectors — a little like Philips' Ambilight tech, but on a larger scale. The lack of detailed visual information is effective because peripheral vision is always out of focus, and it allows for the system to run on consumer-level hardware. In the Media Lab's testing, viewers reported feeling more immersed and some even reported synesthetic effects like feeling heat from an explosion. No word on when you can get your hands on one to feel the heat in the latest action flick, but researchers say that the Infinity-By-Nine system can be applied in home theaters, for gaming, or in movie theaters.