Why newspapers are ruining technological advancements

Technology is the fastest evolving market in our current generation. Everyday some company invents something that could possibly be groundbreaking, an engineer in a university or college could currently be developing an awesome technology, but we may never find out.

Around six to seven years ago technology was evolving at an even faster pace at which it is changing now, but only a hand full of people, who really were interested, followed the news in magazines, books, television or on website. People really didn't care about what companies did or if a new product emerged.

Slowly but steadily a trend started to emerge. With the introduction of the iPod people started to see it as a cult object and as always journalists hoped on this new sector they mostly ignored until now. Then with the release of the iPhone the news corporation knew immediately that technology was a promising subject to cover.

Still people weren't really interested in technology new, but only in Apple related news, as they obtained a pop culture status and people always wanted to know if they released a new product and if they could buy it. Though other smartphone platforms exist the iPhone managed to make it popular and bring it to the mass audience. These companies thought, that this was also their breakthrough, but because no newspaper wrote about it only a few people even knew about these products, but because the iPhone was too expensive for many people other alternatives were searched for and Android became a dominate factor in the industry. Still only iPhone made it in the papers and even android improved more and more the only mention they got was a small mention, but then it became popular. As it was a cheap alternative to the iPhone with amazing potential it quickly got adopted and shared the cult status of the iPhone and was worth the news. People who don't really have an interest in technology will just read these headlines and won't give other platforms a chance. There are many small companies out there doing amazing stuff, but they get no attention, no one is willing to give them money and the moment they get popular a big company comes buys them and promises the media that it will be released soon. As that is nothing spectacular, which would increase the views, they don't mention this and in our fast paced world people will forget about them and eventually the technology may find some way into some product, but because nobody cared this will be completely different as promised.

As it was with the recent Windows Surface and Windows Phone 8 presentation. These two products are amazing and every tech website praises Metro, except that it has little to no user (referring to WP7) and developers are unwilling to develop for this platform. Without apps people will still call it a dead platform and if no broad audience sees these products they won't sell and companies who are always mentioned in newspaper articles will only have to iterate on their current product and will not have to be a technological revolution to sell. At the start of this advancement ads were the most important factor if something sells or not, but now even if the ads are running people won't just buy it in great volume.

Thanks for reading!