Microsoft's Connected Car team is behind Windows Embedded Automotive — a computer platform that powers in-car infotainment systems like Ford Sync, Kia Uvo, and Fiat Blue&Me — and it's got high hopes for the future. In a job listing on Microsoft's website, the team has revealed some of its ambitions for future in-car systems, which includes integration with Windows 8, Windows Phone devices, Kinect, Windows Live, Bing, cloud application platform Azure, and voice recognition tech TellMe. That sure sounds like a long list of Microsoft properties, but the job listing focuses heavily on how future in-car systems will need to use natural UIs. The only specifics offered are that the team hopes to use voice recognition, location, gestures, and facial tracking as part of a smart system that will identify and learn the habits of its drivers and passengers.

It all sounds very forward-looking at the moment, so don't take this as a guarantee just yet that your future Ford Focus is going to come equipped with a Kinect. Still, none of this is too far out there — Microsoft has already worked with West Coast Customs to make an in-car system using Windows 8 tablets, Windows Phones, and Kinects (pictured above) — and there's no doubt that voice-controlled car systems are only going to get more popular. We're not quite as sold on using gestures while driving, though.