GNex or H0x... An old iPhone user can't decide.

Hey, I'm new to The Verge forums, and Android.

As stated in the title, I am currently the owner of a beaten-up, water damaged 16gb iPhone 4 on AT&T. Over time, I have become increasingly bored of Apple's, quite frankly, boring mobile operating system. To try and rekindle my love of smartphones, I've been looking into purchasing an Android device.

At the moment, the two phones I am seriously looking into would be the HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus (for use on AT&T) or the HTC One X (also for use on AT&T).

To be honest, carrier speed is not a problem with me, as I'm usually connected to my home WiFi hotspot. I love stock ICS, honestly, I love it. However, I do not want to buy a phone that will be obsolete in 6 months.

The power and display on the H0X really doesn't entice me; that's what I have a laptop for. However, I know it will be relevant for quite awhile

I want frequent updates from Google on the latest versions of Android (ie Jelly Bean), so that, also, will be a factor in my decision.

So, what do you guys (and possibly gals) think I should do?

(Yes, I have read the reviews.)