Socialscope hasn't been standing still since it released the private Alpha of its social network aggregation app last November. While it still requires an invite to use, the app has now reached beta status and been rebranded to just "Scope." The new update brings with it an entirely new interface and support for Tumblr (in addition to the existing support for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare). The interface allows you to swipe left and right between automatically filtered media types like images, video, public replies, check-ins, and even private messages from the above networks. The look and feel has also been updated with big, full-width photos and a hovering post button that borrows very heavily from Path.

In our testing so far it's been fairly fast and does as good a job at offering deep services as any of the jack-of-all-social-networks-master-of-none social apps we've tried. Navigation, as we said, is primarily handled by left-and-right swipes, but if tapping is more your style there is a filter button on the lower-right for switching between categories as well as another in the upper left for filtering between different social networks. That all adds up to several different, duplicate ways to achieve the same goal of viewing exactly what you're looking to see, but in general the extra options and unobtrusive. Theoretically, that should mean that power users can quickly get to the filter they want from virtually any screen while casual users shouldn't feel too overwhelmed with options.

You can use Twitter's Direct Messages and Facebook's messages from a single interface as well, and while you can't post images to Instagram you can still browse, like, and comment on them. Scope also does a good job of recognizing the same friends from different social networks and presenting an aggregated view of all of their activity, though that same aggregation unfortunately doesn't apply to the update streams, where we're seeing duplicate posts anytime a user posts the same update to multiple networks (a fairly common occurrence, it turns out). There's also perhaps still some work to be done cleaning up the interface and making it a little more intuitive.

There's still no word on when Scope will exit is perennial private beta, but in the meantime the company has provided us with a handy invite code for you. You can head over to Scope Beta in Google Play later today and use invite code "theverge" (no quotes) to sign up — Scope tells us that it's good for the first 500 people. Sorry, iOS users, for now Scope is only available on Android.