Witnessed Windows Phone Challenge at Microsoft store this past Friday

In Oakbrook Mall Windows Store. A couple each with iPhones took the challenge. Windows Phone won both. Both of the people ended up purchasing Lumia 900s to replace the iPhone (the contract was up). I mentioned to them that software written for Windows Phone 8 would not work on Windows Phone 7.8. They didn't care. My take on this is lay people really wont care unless the press makes a huge deal out of it. Lay people are not the same as tech enthusiasts. They use a few apps and rarely put new apps on the phone. This describes my wife pretty well. On her HTC Radar she has Facebook, Shazam (yes never has bothered to use the new Bing equivalent), Music Player, Weather App, Words By Post, Yelp, and Calorie Tracker). That's it. She doesn't go looking in the App Store.