Microsoft is the Lebron James of Tech.

I heard this little nugget during the "Simple Mobile Review" podcast whereas Microsoft is treated in Tech the same way Lebron James is treated by mainstream media. To put it simply...Lebron can score 42 points, grab 12 rebounds and have 8 assists...yet he's criticized for not scoring 44 points. Whenever, MS comes out with a new product (such as the Surface) the media ignores the positives, but focuses on the negatives. Frustrating. Apple, on the other hand, can leave out a crucial component (such as an ethernet port on their Macbook Pro) and it's flipped by Apple and the Media to being a "forward thinking, bold move." Apple fans seem to be the most easily pleased people on the planet. Unbelieveable, to say the least. What is encouraging is that MS is now turning heads and getting more attention than ever. Even on the Verge the Microsoft Tribe is now the second largest forum (next to the Apple Core)! Maybe at some point we won't be treated like Lebron, but like Michael Jordan. Let me know what you guys think!