Japanese site IT media has tested the Macbook Pro with Retina Display to see just how hot it runs when idling, watching video, and at the limits of its performance. The machine's highest temperature when idling is 30.3 degrees Celsius with the fans running at an inaudible 30 decibels, and after 15 minutes of watching video the temperature rose to 35.1 degrees. As noted in our review, the Macbook Pro with Retina Display can get pretty toasty when pushed — IT Media's tests found that the machine reached 48.2 degrees Celsius (118.76 degrees Fahrenheit) and the fans reached a fairly audible 46 decibels. While 48.2 degrees seems awfully hot, it's not unusual for many laptops to feel warm during heavy use. For basic email, internet use, and movie watching the Macbook Pro with Retina Display stays quite cool, but even with the new asymmetrical fans the machine can get as warm as any other laptop when running demanding software or games.