Favorite implementation of Metro

Hey guys. So, I'm kind of obsessed with Metro. I think it's the most beautiful design language out there today and I think the philosophy behind it is brilliant. I've been getting really, really sick of all of these argumentative posts about Windows Phone 8 and 7.8, so I thought the Tribe could use something a little more fun and enjoyable. :-)

For the record, if you do not like Metro please do not post here. No trolls, please. Only comment on this thread if you are a fan of Metro because this is not about whether you like it.

Anyway, I was just wondering what are your guys' favorite implementations of the Metro design language? This can be OSes, specific apps, programs, specific parts of an OS, or whatever.

I'll start. Even though I love Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8, I think my favorite Metro experience still might be that of the Zune HD. I still have mine and I use it many times a day. Even though it's considerably more limited than WP7 or W8 in capabilities, I think it's a really beautiful and elegant interface. There are many similarities between it and Windows Phone, but there are also pretty noticeable differences that I think really set it apart in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


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