So I joined the analog master race (Record player purchase).

So today I decided to plunk down on a turntable, a Rega RP1, seeing as how I tend to listen to a lot of old jazz and bossa nova while mucking around the house. I chose this model since it has a very modern, minimalist design that would match my apartment's decor, and it is very well reviewed, with the ability to upgrade components if I want to further explore some particulars of hi def audio with record players.


It should arrive within a week or so and I'm pretty excited about it, although I've never owned a turntable in my life. I'm 32 and record players are still pretty beyond my time.

Anything I should be careful of, and what are some reliable places to buy vinyl? Amazon and Ebay are turning up slim pickins.

The way people talk up the sound of vinyl, I'm hoping for some crazy transformative experience.