Search sites, including travel search sites, need to use a variety of metrics to help determine the order in which they present their results. Location, previous search history, and other signals all play a part, and apparently Orbitz has added another signal to that mix: Mac vs. PC. The Wall Street Journal reports that the travel site has begun presenting Mac users with more expensive hotel options by default as compared to PC users — and Orbitz confirms this is indeed the case. Obritz told the WSJ that Mac users tend to spend "$20 to $30 more a night on hotels than their PC counterparts" and are also more likely to book nicer hotels. Given trends like that, the company decided to customize results for Mac users that bubble more expensive options up to the top.

Although the default results are different for Mac and PC users, it's not the case that Mac users pay more for equivalent rooms. In other words, Mac users are more likely to see more expensive options, not made to pay more for the same hotel. While the Mac vs PC element may raise some hackles, it's unavoidable that companies will use whatever signals they can find in order to offer personalized results. For now, Orbitz is only applying the changes to hotel searches, though car rentals and flights could come later.