The launch of a new Dragon Quest game in Japan is always a major affair, and true to form Nintendo has announced a new console bundle for the latest entry. Dragon Quest X will be out on August 2nd in its home country, and that same day you'll be able to pick up a black Wii console, a copy of the game, a Classic Controller Pro, and a 16GB USB stick for the princely sum of ¥25,000 (about $314).

Why the USB stick? As the Wii's first real MMORPG, Dragon Quest X will require it — you'll be able to buy the game by itself with or without the same pack-in. The Wii bundle will also come with a ¥1,000 ($13) prepaid card that'll give you one month of access to the game beyond the standard 20-day pass included for free. There's still no word on a worldwide release for either the Wii or Wii U versions.