If updates matter, why buy non-Nexus phones?

When it comes to Android, one of the major complaints by users and non-users are delays in updates from Google. You can barely go through the comments section of any Android related article or post without someone bringing up the fact that not all Android phones get updated at the same time. I've been thinking about this for a while, and I am genuinely confused as to why Android enthusiasts buy non-Nexus phones and complain about not getting the latest update from Google.

I can think of a lot of reasons why someone would buy a non-Nexus device and I think the main reason is: better specs. Simply put, tech enthusiasts want the latest and greatest all the time. What people fail to realize is that getting the latest and greatest Android device usually comes at the expense of carrier/oem customization in both hardware and software.

I've had non-Nexus devices (and loved them for what they were) up until I got the Galaxy Nexus. Other than the Galaxy Nexus the only other phone I had that got timely updates was the T-Mobile G1. I have finally decided to stick to Nexus devices even though they will never have the best specs simply because I wan't the latest and greatest in software. Ah there it is... the beauty of Android... choice.

If updates matter so much, you have the option of buying a Nexus device which by the way, is no slouch in the spec department. So why do people (not counting haters) complain that their phone doesn't have the latest Google update? There have been 3 Nexus devices, which also means that for at least 3 years the pattern of only Nexus devices being directly updated by Google has been established. So why do people seem to forget this.

Android isn't like iOS where there is 1 phone and 1 tablet every year making pushing updates to iOS devices easy. Neither is Android like Windows Phone or as I like to call it "communism in practice" where every phone is pretty much the same hardware wise (internally) and software wise. However, Android can provide those experiences if you stick to buying Nexus phones.

So what about you guys, how do you feel about this? Would you like to see Google be like Microsoft and force OEMs to use the same software and hardware? Or would you like to see Google keep Android to themselves and release their own Google made hardware? Or do you like it the way things are now but would also like to have your cake and eat it too?