HTC One X - Why I hate it

So I've owned my HTC One X for about a month and a half now and I have some things that I absolutely love and hate about it.


  • So this phone has a great screen. A good screen is one of the most important things that a smartphone must have and the HOX is just amazing. I love the design! It is so beautiful and crisp. The colours are accurate and viewing angles are infinite. Notification light is nice. Laser drilled holes for earpiece and speakers are also great. Performance is acceptable.... sometimes.

Hate (Long List)
  • This phone gets REALLY hot when I'm using some apps. I was playing "Where's My Water" and it got ridiculously hot.
  • Build quality SUCKS. I'm sorry it really does. I am able to press down the edges of the screen and get LCD rippling. Creaks in the bottom area of the phone when I lightly push on it. I push lightly on the screen in the centre and this happens as well. Makes me worry about dust getting in cracks. Did they not glue it right?
  • Screen is amazing but this is my second HOX and it STILL has dead pixels?
  • Sense 4 seemed fast at first. Then it wasn't. I find myself constantly mushing the home button or multitasking button when this phone hangs up or waiting for the app drawer to load.
  • Camera sucks. I like the fast shutter but it's doesn't help if the shots are often blurry and undetailed. I try zooming in to most of my photos after and the detail in 100% crops don't really match the iPhone 4S or my Galaxy Note
  • Screen scratches very easily. Luckily I got a screen protector on it the next day...
  • Back is ugly now. Some parts are shiny, other places are still matte. It's inconsistent. They should of just made it all shiny if this was going to happen...
  • Capacitative buttons leak light. Outside the bottom and sides of the phone as well as the screen.
Conclusion I love my phone but I hate it as well. I am constantly reminded of this phone's flaws every day when I use it and for a flagship phone from HTC, this isn't what I expected. Should of stuck with my Galaxy Note... the only thing I worried about that was AMOLED burn in.