Adobe is adding Lightroom 4 to its Creative Cloud subscription service, giving photographers access to one more piece of software and helping to justify the service's $49.99 monthly fee — $74.99 for month-to-month customers. Since it launched last month, Creative Cloud has allowed users to take advantage of Adobe’s entire CS 6 content creation suite — including apps like Photoshop, InDesign, and Premiere — but Lightroom had been conspicuously missing from the package. At a relatively inexpensive $149 for a Lightroom license, we’re a little curious why Adobe chose not to bundle its pro photography app with its subscription service in the first place — perhaps it hoped customers would spring for it on top of Creative Cloud. Regardless, if you're not sold on the subscription dream but are still interested in Lightroom, you can get $50 off when you buy a license along with Photoshop CS6 or any of Adobe's Creative Suite packages.